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There's a Random Name Button?

WoW Craziness!
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Just a little place to showcase all of the unimaginative names and things that we encounter as we play World of Warcraft. We encourage you to not only play World of Warcraft but be creative with your names. Feel free to apply for membership to play the WoW Craziness home game!

User Information

badlcuk // Argent Dawn (NAA) / Meenjalia (Obsidian Horn) / Troll / Shaman
phoenixmedusa // Bronzebeard (NAA)/ Aurowene (Daughters of the Alliance) / Night Elf / Druid
bettie_hemlock // Blackrock (NAA) / Lyriel (unguilded) / Undead / Rogue
blackmanxy // Feathermoon (NAA) / Hafgrim (House of Seven Stars) / Dwarf / Hunter
ceransx // Darkspear (NAA) / Cerastes (Eternal Glory) / Night Elf / Druid
crazydeus // Cenarion Circle (NAA) / Ceritus / Dorf / Priest
cryfromtheheat // Elune (NAA) / Machina (Guildy As Sin) / Human / Warrior
digitaljenni // Elune (NAA) / Isshae (unguilded) / Night Elf / Hunter
elisstar // Emerald Dream (NAA) / Meila (Grimtusk Raiders) / Undead / Rouge :)
epyonnxt // Garona (NAA) / Caloran (Spectrum Rage) / Tauren / Shaman
ghobhlin // Draenor (NAA) / Varg (Lex Ultionis) / Night Elf / Rogue
hyrkanian // Durotan (NAA) / Sweetleef (Leviathan) / Night Elf / Druid
katiescarlet // Stormrage (NAA)/ Skarlette (Valiant Souls) / Human / Mage
kiztent // Icecrown (NAA) / Rastafar (Full Inventory) / Troll / Mage
liolai // Doomhammer (NAA) / Xethe (Draconigena) / Troll / Shaman
lordsnotrag // Eldre'Thalas (NAA) / Xantaria (Blades of Kalimdor) / Orc / Warlock
mazerrakhm // Emerald Dream (NAA) / Ultanna / Troll / Priest -- Reactivated!
mfirefly // Warsong (NAA) / Zade (The Red Death) / Human / Paladin
nannyo // Thunderhorn (EU) / Bostaura (Axle of Evil) / Tauren / Druid
nhinx // Icecrown (NAA) / Barent (Full Inventory) / Undead / Warrior
saintedwyn // Emerald Dream (NAA) / Faasti (Grimtusk Raiders) / Troll / Shaman
satanicsocks // Dragonmaw (EU) / Selenay (Girls On Top) / Troll / Shaman
sorayu // Aggramar (NAA) / Deedo (Ursa) / Night Elf / Hunter
tenebrosity // Doomhammer (NAA) / Sothkiya (Agony) / Undead / Rogue
venkelosa // Doomhammer (NAA) / Velenka (Draconigena) / Undead / Priest
virusq // Doomhammer (NAA) / Ptelne (Imaginary Friend) / Nightelf / Druid

Adding User Information

If you'd like to have your information added please post on THIS THREAD with the information in this order... SERVER (LOC) / CHARACTER (GUILD) / RACE / CLASS. To keep clutter down we will only list one character, so choose whichever one you play most and might like other craziness users contacting you on. If at any time you'd like the information removed or updated respond in the same thread stating something to this effect. Please don't go mad changing the information, if you're the kind that switches guilds twice a week, just leave the guild off. :-)

Just in case someone doesn't figure this out; the location codes are... NAA - North America & Australia, EU - Europe, KOR - Korea, CHI - China. :)

We will try our hardest to keep tabs on the info thread and make sure everyone is up to date. If it appears you have somehow fallen between the cracks (sometimes LJ doesn't send out those reply e-mails), just post on the main forum reminding us to check out your entry. Thanks so much!

Posting on WoW Craziness

It should be set that anyone we accept to this board can post new entries. The rules are quite simple...

1. Images should include a picture of the character (or most of it) along with the name above their head (or guild name if that is the funny part). Preferably we're looking for a "mugshot" type picture. So either a frontal view or side view like you might see on a wanted poster.

2. Please... crop the pictures down so they don't take up the entire screen.

3. JPG format is preferred as it can be viewed easily within a web browser and doesn't take 15 years to download.

4. Post some kind of quip about the character if possible. Some names are so utterly absurd they speak for themselves, but do your best to humor everyone.

5. Profanity is tolerated, but ethnic, religious, or sexual slurs are not (except where it is clearly in total jest). Unacceptable: You see a Tauren named Moohammad... "I'm surprised he wasn't covered with dynamite and running into a building." Generally you're not going to see names like this since Blizzard is very strict about weeding out drug, sex, ethnic, and religious names. You have to admit Moohammad would be a funny name to see. ^_^

6. Don't go nuts spamming the page with images. One image per post, and only one or two images per day(Per person), but if you really feel the need to post 300 pictures, please make use of the LJ CUT tag so as to respect everyone's friends page and limited bandwidth. -_^

We encourage everyone to participate and spread the craziness!