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March 5th, 2006

saintedwyn @ 10:20 pm: Linguists Unite
All of you who can speak other languages... help me pronounce this fellow's name.

Sw... aaayyy... uhm...Collapse )

March 3rd, 2006

life_is_war @ 09:03 pm: Image hosting by Photobucket

Either Senior Sergeant World is performing the Heimlich on a fellow hordie... or the lonliness of Tanaris is just too much for him.

...man, keep it in prison!

mazerrakhm @ 10:03 am: Spreadin' the love...

Wanted: Single male, pulse optional, for casual questing, and light "dungeon" instances. Must be fond/tolerant of demons and pets.

March 2nd, 2006

mazerrakhm @ 11:21 am: He's BaaaaAAAAaaack!
Yes, I know, I've only posted Comics for quite some time, and totally neglected anything in game related...

I have a good reason though! I let my account lapse. Fortunately, with my no longer being interested in DDO I have re spawned my account!

On to the caps!Collapse )

saintedwyn @ 10:35 am: Two names destined for each other.
Alright, enough message board smack, time for some funny names. Here are two characters destined to meet each other...

From My Cold Dead Hands!!!Collapse )

ChaosCollapse )

EDIT: Bah, accidentally had "no replies" checked.

February 27th, 2006

saintedwyn @ 10:04 am: Here they come!
My last post here was cross-linked over to the Emerald Dream forums. Oh how I love the internet. :) *cracks knuckles* Now they've brought the fight to my house... hoorah! Though so far only one person has come to talk smack. I'm disappointed.

February 26th, 2006

saintedwyn @ 02:25 am: Not a picture, but crazy.
I try to stay away from arguments on the internet... because as the old saying goes "Arguments on the internet are like the Special Olympics. Even if you win; you're still retarded." But I couldn't resist having fun with the forum folks for Emerald Dream. I knew they would respond to this, so I posted... (my character name is Melitta by the way)

"Weep more novice" and other creative responses

I stopped replying on page four, so if you're only interested in my asinine replies, that's where I stopped.

February 17th, 2006

lordsnotrag @ 09:25 am: This Was Way Too Disturbing To Not Be Shared
Big picCollapse )

termit_nxt @ 12:33 am: День добрый, леди и джентельмены ;-)


Это наш форум, посвящённый играм всех цветов и мастей ;)
Уверен, что человеку, который хотя бы раз играл в комп. игры будет там интересно ;)
да и не только в компьютерные, но и мобильные,логические и вообще любые ;)
Ну а если и они вас не интересуют, вы можете там же пообщатся на другие темы в разделе
"Флейм" )))

Будем всем рады ;-)

P.S. Возможно это сообщение попало в ваше комьюнити по ошибке.
Приносим свои извинения,если это так.

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